1. BrahMos missile is regarded as one as one of the world’s fastest supersonic
missile, which the Philippines Army is interested in acquiring from India.
2. The govt has held talks with the major insurgency group in Nagaland, on the
demand for a separate flag and constitution for the Nagas.
3. The second round of the Smart Cities Mission could be rolled out in 2020.
The first round of creating 100 Smart Cities are 50% complete.
3. Cyclone ‘Kyarr’ has intensified and has became the first Super Cyclonic storm
in Arabian Sea in the last 12 years.
4. India launched RuPay card in Saudi Arabia during PM Modi’s visit to the
country to help the Indian pilgrims visiting Mecca Medina. Saudi Arabia
became the third country in the Gulf region to get the RuPay card facility after
UAE and Bahrain.
5. Justice Sharad Arvind Bodbe has been appointed as the next Chief Justice of
India. He will replace CJI Ranjan Gogoi on 18 th of Nov.
6. BASIC (Brazil, South Africa, India, China) Ministerial Meeting on climate
Change was held in Beijing, China, on Oct 25-26. BASIC countries urged the
developed countries to take urgent action to close gaps under the Paris
agreement on Climate Change.
9. A study has found out a new way of removing carbon dioxide from a stream
of air that could prove as a tool in the battle against climate change. The
technique is based on passing air through a stack of charged electrochemical
10. Unemployment and Sluggish economic growth are fuelling popular protests
in several Arab countries. The unrest is contributing to slower growth in the
middle east and North Africa region.
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