About Academy

Gurudeva’s Academy is just not an institution for individualised SSB training, but is also a LIFE-CHANGING EXPERIENCE. Here, Col Ranjit Kr Sinha (Ex-Interviewing Officer 19 SSB, Allahabad), personally works on your strengths and weaknesses and turn you into a confident individual.

Col Sinha has a Masters degree in Psychology & Management, which helps him groom your SSB psyche. Not only are you taught and made to practice English grammar and pronunciation, interview answering technique, GTO tasks and psychology tests, but you learn life’s lessons, that are ingrained in you forever, which make you a well-rounded personality.

An officer is not just someone who clears SSB, but is an adaptable, cooperative and determined person. We instill these values in you. You meet and stay with likeminded people, who help you shape your ideas and prepares you for SSB in a very competitive & congenial environment.

If you are ready to work hard, and have the will to win, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE.
In the last 8 years, we have helped hundreds of candidates to successfully achieve their aim.