1. ISIS announces new province in India 

• The Islamic State terror group has claimed to have established a new province in India called, ‘Wilayah of Hind’. 
• The announcement comes after clashes between militants and security forces in Kashmir on May 10.
• The new province is being seen as a part of ISIS' strategy to give the impression of strengthening its global affiliations following its territorial loss in the Middle East.

India extends USD 1 billion Line of Credit to Mongolia to build its first petrochemical refinery
India has recently extended USD 1 billion Line of Credit to Mongolia to set up its first-petrochemical refinery. Along with it, India will undertake the construction of 27 km of railway line, 17.5 km of road and 19 km of power transmission line in the country. 

3. India chosen as Co-chair of Consultative Group of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery
India was chosen as the Co-chair of the Consultative Group (CG) of Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) for the fiscal year 2020.  The move came after India expressed its interest to Co-chair the Group during its last meeting in October 2018. This will be the first time that India will co-chair the CG meeting of GFDRR.

Moon is shrinking: NASA Study
NASA recently revealed that moon is shrinking from millions of years and still counting.  Nasa's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) captured 3D images of moon surface that revealed its surface is shrinking, getting more than about 150 feet skinnier over the last several hundred million years.

US President Donald Trump declares national emergency 
US President Donald Trump has declared a national emergency to protect the US computer networks from foreign adversaries. The order bars US companies from using foreign telecoms that are believed to pose a risk to the security of the nation. The move has authorized US to block transactions that involve information or communications technology that pose an unacceptable risk to the national security of the United States.

New plastic created that could be fully recycled
The US state department researchers have reportedly created recyclable plastic. The plastic, which looks like a Lego Playset, can be disassembled into various parts even at molecular level. Researchers are calling it the next generation plastic due to its quality of separation at smallest level. This plastic can be recycled into any colour, form or shape without losing its original quality. 
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