January ·         
1. According to New World Wealth Report, India was ranked sixth in the list of wealthiest countries with a total wealth of US $8,230 billion in 2017. ·        
2.  India-Vietnam for the first time conducted bilateral Army Exercise (VINBAX-2018) in Madhya Pradesh. Vietnam is very important part of ASEAN nations and India’s Act East Policy. It` will further help in countering Chinese presence in South China Sea. ·         
3. India celebrated its 69th Republic Day Parade with leader of the 10 nations of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as guests of honour.Improving relations with ASEAN nations will help India in the long run as most of them share boundary with China. 

1. India and Seychelles have participated in the bilateral military exercise 2018, which was held at Mahe Island in Seychelles. This was to counter China’s presence in that area ·         
2. China was elected as vice chair of Financial Action Task Force (FATF), a global body mandated to combat terror financing and money laundering. It has placed Pakistan under ‘Grey List’ for terror funding, till June 2018. This has put Pakistan in a tight spo

1. Vladmir Putin got another term of 6 years as president of Russia. Another term will take him to nearly a quarter century in power, second only to soviet dictator Joseph Stalin 

2. President Xi Jinping of china has been reappointed president by making constitutional amendment. As per this amendment the  2-Term restriction for a president has been removed. 

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