News for 5-Jan (Friday)
2017 has been an eventful year for the Indian armed forces. Stepping into 2018, it is going to be little more interesting. This year, 1. India will host the biggest national celebration. 10 leaders from SE ASIAN countries will mark their presence at R-Day parade. 2. 17th mountain corps will grow stronger, when m777 will clear the trials. 3. 'Dhanush', 'ATAGS' and 'K-9 Vajra' gun systems will be inducted in active service. 4. 'Predator' and 'Avenger' acquisition process will kick start from both ends. 5. IAF will sign one more fighter jet deal along with the parallel induction of HAL LCA. 6. Range of 'BrahMos' will be upgraded to its maximum potential followed by its induction. 7. 'QRSAM','Nirbhay', and 'K-4' will see successful tests. 8. Indigenous Ballistic Missile Defence system will be a step closer towards the induction. 9. S-400 deal will be signed. 10. super secret "radar and surveillance" vessel of the Indian navy will start sea trials followed by its induction. 11. Project-75I will be kick started along with the couple of 'KALVARIs' will be put to the sea and will join the active service. 12. one more 'Arighaman' will join by the navy and one will be put the sea. 13. IAC-1 'INS VIKRANT' will start sea trials by the end of 2018 (hopefully). < < Back