Most Crucial Visit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 14th May will undertake his three day visit to China. It could be a great opportunity for the $2.04 trillion economy to meet and align $10.35 trillion economy. We have had confrontation, fear and suspicions for the past 53years. It is time that we make an effort to grow together. Time has come when we got to understand each other’s problem areas and set the path of symbiotic growth. Yes, there are areas of misunderstandings like the border issue, intent of setting Naval strong holds in Indian Ocean and trade imbalance. There are great apprehensions on both sides which need to be discussed by both leaders who are known to be bold and change the course of history. We have commonality in terms of region and being the part of BRICS.


Can we both draw a concrete timeline and issues with which we can do business together as also pull out the entire world which is reeling under recession?


We are both ancient nations with immense knowledge to be passed to the rest of the world.


As regard border issues are concerned, 13 years have passed and yet the issues remain where they were. Unless this is settled once for all with give and take as the basis, the border incursions will continue and thus, the doubts about each other’s intentions will continue to haunt both of us. Enough has been discussed and time is ripe now for both the charismatic leaders to put an end to the issue.


Like border issues settlement with Bangladesh, the Sino-China border issues could be settled and the world would get a clear message that the Lion and the Dragon have woken up to settle the world issues. Let’s now talk about the pearl of rings around India. It could be considered anti-India or it could be converted into joint policing by both China and India in this region to maintain the peace and tranquillity. Let us not forget that only the mighty can ensure peace in the region. The major link between West and East or the Pacific and Indian Ocean is through Suez Canal which is very troubled area today. China and India today can maintain and cooperate to keep it peaceful.


U.S. is about to leave Afghanistan and without doubts there is going to be turmoil in the region. Are we expecting Afghanistan or Pakistan or anyone else to stop the Talibanis to resurface again and create the region a hot bed of problems? Once again it is only China and India who can keep the region peaceful and ensure everyone’s growth.


As for the bilateral trade deficit, both have enough to give and take so that we become complimentary rather than critical. There are enough areas for India to export and equal that of China. Areas like IT, agriculture are the two major areas which India could well deliver to China and be able to close the gap between the two trades.


A story could be as long and as big as the two nations envision taking themselves. There is another angle, they are both nuclear countries and could create enough weapon of mass destruction so as to kill both a 100 times.


I’d like to conclude by stating we should shake hands with China rather than attacking each other which would enable both the countries to grow.


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