News for 5-Sep
News for 05-Sep (Tuesday)
1.    Mr. Rajiv Kumar, the noted economist, has been appointed as the new Vice Chairman of the NITI Ayog . The post had become vacant after it’s former Vice Chairman Arvind Pangraiya had resigned.
2.      The Government of India has accepted 65 out of 99 recommendations of the Lieutenant General D.B Shekatkar committee.  The Union government had set up the committee to recommend measures to enhance the combat capability and to rebalance the defence expenditure on armed forces.  Accordingly,57,000 Officers, JCO’s & ORs will be redeployed to increase ‘tooth to tail’ ratio of the army. The tooth and tail is a military term that refers to the number of military personnel required to provide supply and support to each combat soldier.  Military farms and postal establishments in the peaceful areas will be closed down. 
3.    According to the CSO (Central Statistical Organisation) data, the Indian Economy, during the April – June 2017 quarter has slumped down to 5.7%. It is believed that the economy has slowed down due to disruption caused by demonetisation, followed by stalled production in manufacturing sector to prepare  itself to the switch over to GST regime.     
4. Defence Acquisition Council has cleared the procurement of 6 Apachee Attack helicopters along with the weapon system. It is a part of deal signed in Sept 2015with the U.S government for the purchase of Apachee and Chinook helicopters. Apachee choppers are multi role combat helicopters with night fighting features.
5. Defence Research Development Organisation of India  and Israel Aerospace Industries will jointly produce Advanced Medium Range Surface to Air Missile for Indian Army by 2020. It will be an all weather, 360 degree mobile land based air defence system that will be capable of shooting down enemy ballistic missiles, aircrafts, drones etc. within the range of 70km.
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