News for 02-Sep
News for 02-Sep (Tuesday)
                                                  News:  30 Aug 2017  
1.    Lokheed Martin Corporation, the aviation giant has expressed  intention to manufacture and export F-16 fighter planes under Make in India scheme, if it wins a large order.   Sweden’s SAAB and U.S’s Lockheed Martin are competing to sell India approx 100 single engine jets. 2.    Long Range Surface to Air Missile, jointly developed by India and Israel was handed over to the Indian Navy. The LRSAM has a range of approx 90 Km at a speed of 2 Mach (680m/s). 3.    China and India agreed to withdraw their troops from the Doklam plateau. The decision comes ahead of the BRICS Summit to be hosted by China which PM Narendra Modi is expected to attend in September. This has earned India prestige.  4.    Indian Air Force has stationed 6X C-130J Super Hercules strategic aircraft at Arjan Singh base in it’s Panagarh AF Stn. at West Bengal .  C-130J Super Hercules aircraft  can carry upto 64 troops with equipment and can also be used to carry 6 pallets or armoured vehicle. 5.    National Sports Day was observed on 29th August to celebrate the birth anniversary of the great hockey legend of India – Dhyanchand, who scored more than 100 goals in his international career. President, Ramnath Kovind presented National Sports Award to 29 players.        
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