News for 12-Aug (Saturday)
News for 12-Aug (Saturday)
                                                          News: 12/8/17
1.National Skill Development Corporation & Google India will together train app developers for mobile platform on Android and Web platforms. It aims to accelerate mobile skill training and create opportunities for youth
2. Qatar has scrapped visa requirements for visitors from 80 countries, including India to host Football World Cup 2022. Qatar ‘s economy had taken hit as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain had tried to isolate it.
3. National Cyber Co-ordination Centre has become operational .It will scan internet traffic coming into the country to detect real time cyber threats and alert various organizations for timely action.
4.India and US will conduct the 13th “Youdh Abhyas” a joint exercise between them in September in Lewis-Mc Chord in the U.S.
5.India has ratified 2nd commitment period of Kyoto Protocol that commits countries to contain emission of green house gasses.
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