News For 4-April
1.     Chenani – Nashri road tunnel: is the country’s longest road tunnel (9 kms) was inaugurated by honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The all weather tunnel shortens the distance between Srinagar and Jammu by 100 kms. It is equipped with world class Integrated Traffic Control System that automatically activates fire control, communication and ventilation system. The tunnel will provide all weather connectivity to the valley.  
2.     The Government of India has decided to remove all ceilings on exports of organic products : It is expected to reduce in input costs in farming and help farmer in getting premium price for organic agriculture products. It will also encourage organic agriculture by farmers and help various Government programs to promote organic farming.  
3.     Scientists have developed a new way to fight Superbugs: Scientists had used a process known as plasmapheresis that is somewhat like kidney dialysis. It involved the removal, treatment, and return of blood plasma to circulation. It was done to remove antibody from two patients. Scientists replaced antibodies in the patients with those from blood donations. This treatment restored ability for the patients’ blood to kill their infecting Pseudomonas aeruginosa infections – the drug resistant superbug.  
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