News updated till 3rd March 2017
News updated till 3rd March 2017

1. DRDO successfully test-fired an AAD(Advance Area Defence) interceptor missile capable of destroying a low flying incoming ballistic missile at low altitude of less than 30 kms. India earlier in Feb,17 had successfully tested exo atmospheric BMD system in which the interceptor missile destroyed it’s target at  the height of 85kms.
2. An anti-ship missile was test-fired successfully from indigenously built Scorpene Class stealth submarine, INS Kalvari. INS Kalvari is based on France’s DCNS submarine design and built in Mazgaon Dock. Besides warfare it can be used for intelligence gathering,survillieance and mine laying.   
3. The Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry has released National Family Health Survey for 2015-16. It’s main highlights are:
  a. Infant mortality rate has declined from 57 to 41per 1000 live births, b.Sex ratio has improved from 914 to 919. It is 1047 in Kerala. Haryana showed considerable improvement from 762 to 836. c. Institutional births have increased by 40 percent. d. Total fertility has declined from 2.7 to 2.2 per woman. e. Children within the age of 1- 23 months have been fully immunized.
  4. Thiruvannathpuram, the capital of Kerla has been ranked as number1 and Pune as number 2 in governance by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy in Annual Survey of India’s City Systems -2016 . The ranking indicates the city’s ability to give better life quality over short term and long term. ASICS has been designed to pin point issues in city governance.  
5. The 4th edition of India - CLMV (Cambodia,Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam) business conclave was held in Jaipur. The conference was organised by Dept of Commerce and Commerce and Confederation of India with CLMV countries to explore the possibilities in the field of manufacturing, renewable energy, agriculture and skilling. India is looking to boost trade and investment in CLMV as a part of the ‘Act East’policy. In the past 10 years, the trade between the two sides has gone up from $ 1.5 billion to 10 more than $10 billion.    
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