Feb news till 27 Feb 2017 - II
Feb News till 27 Feb 2017 - II
Exercise TROPEX 2017   - The Theatre-level Exercise TROPEX 2017, was conducted from January 24 to February 23 to test combat readiness of the combined fleets of ourNavy, Air Force, Army and  Coast Guard. The aim of the month-long exercise was to test the combat readiness of the forces to deal with any possible threat. The exercise was carried out across the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea and the North Central Indian Ocean.The exercise, in complete coordination with the Army and Air Force, was conducted in phases to test the various facets of war-fighting and joint combat capabilities of the armed forces to respond to a given threat situations. Over 45 ships from both the Western and Eastern Naval Commands, five submarines including the nuclear-powered Chakra, 50 Naval aircraft, 11 ships from the Coast Guard, troops from the Army and 20 aircraft from the Air Force including Su-30s and Jaguars participated in the exercise.

India has set a target of 2020 to ensure its dominance in the Indian Ocean- India has set a target of 2020 to ensure that its dominance cannot be challenged in the Indian Ocean. China has been making repeated forays in this area, including sending nuclear-powered submarines. Control over Andaman Nicobar Islands would be crucial for India. As this islands in Bay of Bengal sit on the western edge of Malacca straits through which ships carrying oil and other goods to India, China, Japan and Korea transit. An Indian control over these straits during any aggression will force China to opt for an alternative route through the straits of Sunda, which is some 1,000 km further east. Enhancing capabilities to secure the ocean includes buying newer warships, especially those capable of anti-submarine warfare, helicopters, string of additional radar, surveillance planes and drones, besides submarines.

Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba visit to UAE & Oman- Navy chief Admiral Sunil Lanba is leaving on a five-day visit to the United Arab Emirates and Oman to explore new avenues for defence cooperation. Admiral Lanba's first destination will be the UAE where he will hold talks with Minister of State for Defence, Chief of Staff and Commander of UAE Naval Forces.Bilateral defence interaction between India and UAE has been witnessing a steady growth since defence minister Manohar Parrikar’s visit to Gulf nation last year. The Indian Navy cooperates with both the navies of UAE and Oman on many fronts, which include training and operational interactions.
The Crown Prince of UAE Sheikh Mohammed Zayed Al Nahyan was the chief guest for the last month’s Republic Day parade, an honour India gives to countries it considers key to its diplomacy.

The 89th Academy Awards popularly known as OSCAR awards - The 89th Academy Awards ceremony, presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to honor the best films of 2016, was held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, California, on February 26, 2017.  The winners of the important award were: the best picture -  ‘Moonlight’ , best actor- Casey Affleck in ‘Manchester by Sea’, Best actress – Emma Stone  in ‘La La Land’.  It was hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel.

WTO ratifies Trade Facilitation Agreement: At WTO (World Trade Organisation) the TFA (Trade Facilitation Agreement) in goods came into effect after it was ratified by 2/3 members of WTO including India. TFA aims to streamline, simplify, standardize and ease customs procedures and norms for cross border movement of goods by reducing red tapism and lowering import tariff. This will make it easy for developing countries to trade with developed countries. It is expected to create 1 trillion US dollars worth economic activity, 21 million jobs and to lower the cost of international trade by 10-15%.

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