Feb news till 20 Feb 2017
Feb news till 20 Feb 2017

1.The GSLV Mark III Rocket- Indian Space Research Organisation successfully ground tested C 25, the upper stage cryogenic engine for _GSLV MKIII vehicle on 19 February 2017 at ISRO Propulsion Complex, Mahendragiri.  The GSLV Mark III rocket will be capable of carrying heavier payload than the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle or PSLV. It uses Liquid Oxygen and Liquid Hydrogen propellant combination stored at minus 253 degree centigrade. So far,besides India only Russia, US, France, China andJapan possess this complex technology.

2.Cloud Seeding Programme during 2017 monsoon- Maharashtra Government has decided to carryout Cloud Seeding Programme during 2017 monsoon season in to produce sufficient rain in Solapur district, which lies in rain shadow region of Western Ghats in the state. Under this programme, weather scientists using aircrafts will seed theclouds hovering over Solapur district.This programme will be coordinated by the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology. Ground radar will be used to track the clouds and verify which ones contributed rain.

3. Rating of India’s NRAI (National Regulatory Authority of India) by WHO -  India’s NRAI (National Regulatory Authority of India) was given the highest rating of ’4’ by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for vaccine regulations. India is one of the major players in the pharmaceutical industry worldwide and often is considered as pharmacy of the world. India is currently supplying several vaccines to the United Nations agencies (UNICEF, WHO and PAHO).

4.New sailing Boat INS Tarini- the Indian Navy has inducted a new sailing boat Tarini at INS MandovI Boat Pool in Goa 0n 18/2/17; Tarini will be used for the first all Indian Women Circumnavigation of the Globe expedition. The boat has an array of latest communication systems, which makes it contactable all over the world.

5.Indian Coast Guard Ship ICGSAYUSH - Indian Coast Guard Ship ICGS AYUSH was inducted at Kochi, Kerala. It is the 20th and the last in the series of 20 Fast Patrol Vessels (FPVs) built by Cochin Shipyard Ltd. ICGS AYUSH has state-of- the-art navigational and communication equipment including Integrated Bridge System (IBS) and Machinery Control System. The ship will perform tasks such as surveillance, interdiction, search and rescue, anti-smuggling and medical evacuation. FPVs are intended to help secure Indian waters by patrolling within the Exclusive Economic Zone and help in fisheries protection.

6.World’s strongest material graphene-  The Australian scientists have made world’s strongest material graphene by using soybean. They developed it using GraphAir technology” which transforms soybean oil into graphene films. This unique technology makes graphene production fast, simple, safe, potentially scalable on industrial level.  It is used in many applications ranging from miniaturised electronics to biomedical devices, water filtration and purification, renewable energy, sensors, personalised healthcare and medicine etc. The production process followed earlier was expensive commercially unviable.

7.Usain Bolt and Simone Biles have won the Laureus award 2017 of the Sportsman and the Sportswoman of the world respectively. The Laureus Awards are also known as the Oscar of the Sports.

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