News For 5th-Feb (Monday)


1.IMF Boosts India's GDP Growth Forecast to 6.7% for Current Fiscal Year.
2. *Neuralink*, the neurotechnology company co-founded by Elon Musk, has *successfully implanted its first brain chip into a human being*.
3.India's refining capacity of crude oil is projected to increase by 56 million tons by 2028. This would increase the country's capacity by 22%, or 1.12 million barrels a day. India is increasing its refining capacity to meet the growing demand for petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POL).
4. India and France have finalized a defense industrial roadmap and other agreements. The roadmap includes joint development and production of military projects and technology collaboration. The two countries also agreed to work together on the joint production of defense equipment, including helicopters and submarines.


1. India conferred *Bharat Ratna to two politicians, L K Adwani & Karpoori Thakur (Posthmously)*.


1. Indian boxer *Mandeep Jangra* secured the US-based National Boxing Association's (NBA) intercontinental super featherweight championship.


1. *Havildar Preeti Rajak*, a champion trap shooter, has become the first woman to hold the rank of Subedar in the Indian Army. She is from Corps of Military Police.
2. The Indian Navy commissioned *INS Sandhayak*, it's largest survey vessel built in India by GRSE.
3.To improve the *physical standards in the Indian Army* a new supplement has been added to existing test swimming proficiency exam, 10 km speed march, and 32 km route march have been introduced.
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