1.Tata motors will deliver 1200 All Terrain Vehicles worth Rs.900 Crores for the Indian Military which will be delivered over the next two years.
2.10 missile armed Heron TP drones of payload 1000kg is being purchased from Israel worth Rs $400 million.It will help Armed Forces strike capability.
3.India has asked russia to test fly its FGFA(Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft) to evaluate its capabilities.FGFA is being developed by India and Russia jointly.
4.  In order to maintain 40 days Ammunition reserves  Defence Ministry has approved private sectors to produce specialist Ammunition for army.This will make us war worthy.
5.India and Russia have set up a joint venture for the production of kamov ka 226 helicopters in India.This manufacture is under Make in India Programme.This will improve reliability and will provide job opportunities.
7.India and Israel's  have entered into a joint venture to build defence communication system for an approximate amount of $ 20 million.
8.US Indian joint working group met in Washington for establishing broader co-operation on the design,development and aircraft carrier technology co-operation.The US and Indian Navies held open discussion on design , integration ,test, evaluation, management and oversight of carrier construction.
9.India has planned to buy three more C-17 Aircrafts worth Rs 8100 Crore.
10.LCA Tejus has received Quartz Radome and in flight refuelling probe from UK .
11.DRDO along with IIT Mumbai and IIT Madras have kick-started advanced defence related aerospace research and development.
12.The Aircraft Carrier Vikaramaditya is being  refitted in India  for an expenditure of approx Rs 200 Crore.
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