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India in next 5-10 years

India is in a very strong state geopolitically & economically to become the 5th largest economy in the world by 2025. Some of the indicators of growth are:-

Road construction: Before 2014, India was constructing 3km of road everyday, but now we are constructing around 40 kms of road everyday and NHAI aims to go up to 100 kms per day. Speedy road construction has started moving the goods & services move much faster there by speeding up the GDP. 

GDP: The entire world has gone down economically due to the effects of Covid 19 pandemic, but India has become the fastest growing economy. India is expected to achieve 9.2% growth in FY 2021-22 and thereafter achieve around 8% for a decade. These predictions are by international raters like Moody, Fitch, IMF & world Bank. In next 5 yrs our GDP will reach$6 trillion (Rs. 45 lakh crores).

Atmanirbhar Bharat: After the launch of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan (Self-reliant India Mission), the Govt has induced Rs.20 lakh crore economic stimulus package. The effects are visible & significant growth is being felt in various sectors of manufacturing, services and research and development. We are now manufacturing our own Aircrafts, Aircraft Carriers, Drones, Missiles and whatnot. Soon we will me a defence Market to reckon with & generate employment. 

National Monetization Pipeline: India has launched National Monetization Pipeline, which will raise about Rs. 6 lakh crore in the next 4 years, just by leasing some of our dead assets. The country has just started realizing its potential and without doubts we will be on road to be a world leader.

Expenditure On Crude Oil: India is currently spending a whopping $62.7 billion dollars on purchase of crude oil. This is being aimed to be reduced as India is looking for alternate sources of energy i.e., renewable energy and green hydrogen. We are currently generating 44.3 GW of Solar power & 38.7 GW of wind power which happens to be 4th largest in the world. 

Electric Vehicles:   The country is moving towards electric vehicles and for that we are going for lithium-ion batteries. Aluminum ion battery (fast charging), Iron-ion batteries are also being worked upon. Days are not far when none of the vehicles will need the costly Patrol & diesel. This will also reduce the carbon emission, thus reducing the pollution. 

Unicorns: As of Feb 2022, India has 90 Unicorns with a total valuation of $295.99 Bn & hundreds are in the pipeline. Their growth per year is in geometric progression. Besides providing employment, the Unicorns are large industries in infant form. In the coming 5 yrs, they will do what California did to the US.

Inter Linking of Rivers: Our country is lucky to have its 65 % of population linked with Agriculture. They have the knowledge, the will & the perseverance to increase the crop yield. The only thing they need is Water. The interlinking of river has been ordered by Supreme court in Feb 2012, though slowly but the work is gathering momentum. In the next 5 to 10 yrs every Indian farmer will start getting 3 crop production / yr. This is going to be a game changer. 

The above mentioned indicators are just the tip of the iceberg, when combined with the youth of this youngest nation, who are the best software engineers and have the prowess of being leaders of most of the leading companies of the world - 2030 holds a great future for this Nation.
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