PM's visit to Bangladesh

Lecturette : PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Bangladesh

On the occasion of the 50th Independence Day of Bangladesh, India’s PM Narendra Modi visited Bangladesh for two days, making this his first visit to another country post COVID 19 pandemic. During the visit, PM Modi gifted 1.2 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine to Bangladesh which arrived by a special Air India flight on 30th of March. Both PMs inaugurated the Maitri Setu which will connect Tripura and other North-Eastern states to Port of Chattogram at Bay of Bengal. PM said that the next 25 years were crucial for both the countries as the heritage, growth, targets and opportunities of both the countries were same. While there are similar opportunities in both trade and industry, there are similar challenges in terrorism.
By strengthening bilateral ties with Bangladesh, India has tried to secure its national boundary and the security of its eastern 7 states against foreign threats from China. This will lead to better defence at the Chicken’s Neck from south. By helping Bangladesh grow, India has also tried to ensure better protection of the Bay of Bengal from invasion by China as India has maintained good relations with its neighbouring countries. The visit was also a demonstration of PM Narendra Modi’s neighbour first policy.
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