India's very own 'HAL' LCH:
The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) is an India multi-role attack helicopter. Designed to replace the current Cheetah and Chetak helicopters, it will be inducted in both the Army & the Airforce. Being on the lines of HAL's Dhruv helicopter, it is superior to HAL Rudra being the worlds lightest attack helicopter. Not only is the indigenous LCH capable of attacking at the low lying areas but also boasts of achieving the heights of many glaciers. During its testing done in the year 2015, it became the first attack helicopter in the world to land on the Siachen glacier. Capable of scaling and carrying out attacks at high altitude regions it has already reached up to heights of 13000 ft to 15800 ft.

Some comparisons with the India's US made Apache helicopter:
Both are twin engine, 2 seater attack helicopters. While the LCH is powered by 2 Shakti turboshaft engine, the Apache is powered by 2 General Electric T700 GE 701C turboshaft engine.
Horsepower; LCH - 1430 HP each, Apache - 1890 HP each.
Category; LCH - Light weighted, Apache - Heavy weighted.
Maximum takeoff weight capacity; LCH - 5800 kg, Apache 10433 kg.
Max speed; LCH - 269 km/h, Apache - 293 km/h.
Range; LCH - 550 km, Apache - 476 km.
Ceiling; LCH - 21300 ft, Apache - 21000 ft.
LCH - 20mm M621 cannon, 70mm Rocket pods, 2 Mistral/4 Helina, Cluster & Unguided bombs, Grenade launchers, 4 Hardpoints.
Apache - M230 chain gun, Air to ground rockets, Hellfire missile, Stinger missile, Spike missile, 4 Hardpoints.
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