1. Rafael fighter jet – made by dassault aviation in France, india has purchased 36 aircrafts. So far 5 aircrafts have been delivered in a combat ready role (armed with hammer missiles), the total deal is worth rs. 59000 crores 
2. 21 mig 29's and 12 sukhoi - 30,  worth Rs 6000 crore have been bought in emergency approval. 
3. Chinook Helicopter – heavy lift helicopter capable of lifting 10 tonnes or one M777 light howitzer. All 15 have been delivered to India by Boeing (USA). 1.1 billion dollar deal.
4. Apache Helicopter– multirole attack helicopter, all 22 have been delivered to india by boeing. Also called the flying tank. Also helping to replace the 5 aging Mi - 35 attack helicopters 
5. LAC tejas – ingeniously designed and built by HAL, a 4th gen aircraft, with multirole capabilities. So far 36 aircrafts have been commissioned and a total order of 324 have been planned for the air force. 

1. The Indian Army is looking to replace its existing INSAS rifle with sig sauer 716 (7.62x51) and AK203 (7.62x39mm). So far 72,400 sig sauer rifles have been delivered to india, worth Rs 700 cr. And 72,000 more have been ordered with the help of fast track procedure. The first AK’S Will be delivered from Russia while the remaining 6.5 lakh AK203'S will be produced locally in India’s amethi district. So far no deal has reached and the production is on hold. 
2. 464 new t-90  tanks are being purchased in a 1.93 billion dollar deal and will be delivered between 2022-2026. 
3. K9 vajra – this is self propelled artillery. The deal is done between L&T and South Korea’s Hanwa company. The equipment is being built in Gujarat's Hazira district. It is a 4500 cr project, so far, 55 are in service and 100 will be inducted by the end of 2020.
4. Light tanks – after the galwan valley clash with china, the need for light tanks that can be moved quickly emerged. So far the MOD bas narrowed its search down to 3 tanks. The k9 tank which will be developed by DRDO, s2s5 from Russia and tata kestrel. The rumors are that tata kestrel tanks will be purchased. 

1. Purchase of 24 sirkosky MH 60R seahawk helicopters, these are multirole helicopters also called as the submarine killers. 1.2 billion dollar deal. Delivery will be done 3 years after the deal is signed. 
2. The US and the Indian Government signed a $ 2-3 billion deal for the Guardian drones. The US Govt has cleared the sale of 22 predator Guardian drones to India. The drones are manufactured by General Atomics. 
The Guardian drone can be used for wide-area, long-endurance maritime intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions. It can stay put for 27 hours in the air and can fly at 50,000 feet. The Indian Navy made the request for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) in 2017.
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