Iran- India projects

1.    Iran has recently agreed & invited India to invest in infrastructure projects worth $8 billion in developing the Tehran’s Imam Khomeini international airport.

2.     The other projects between Iran & India which are in the pipeline is the 600 km rail network between Chabahar port & Zahedan which will connect India with the Iranian rail network. Also India is keen to invest in the 220 km rail link between Rash & Astara which will link Iran with Central Asia & Eurasia. Both the countries have also decided to construct a rail link between Masad in northeastern Iran & Heart in Afghanistan.

3.     Also the coast-to-coast shipping between the two countries will also start soon & improve maritime affairs.

View: India will be the end user in all these projects as these links will connect South Asia’s biggest country with the huge market as well as help in transportation of commodities from the Eurasian region.

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