Five lessons to be learnt from Pathankot attack

1. As Pakistani attackers are expected to have their plan ready to attack all Indian Military & strategic bases including nuclear devices, India should have thorough blueprint ready so as to thwart such attacks. Constant mock drills and inspections must also be carried out.

2 .It is apparent that terrorist guided by the ISI have widened their focus beyond Kashmir. India have to take serious stock of its western border states from where infiltration is constantly happening under the name of smuggling .It is time the narcotics & arms smuggling must be stopped at all cost.

3. The political talk on stopping cross-border terrorism must be   taken at all cost. Also the army must be dealt at army level only & should be ready to give befitting replies.

4. It is high time level that police that is internal Security must undergo a total change .Every time Army can not fill in the void of policing and undertake their role. If the nation has to prosper the police need to be in numbers well equipped & efficiently trained .A Lathi yielding policeman cannot challenge a highly trained and motivated terrorist.

5. India must invoke U.S to fight terrorism (in other Pakistan) at all level. US has the will and the capability to strike terror anywhere in the world .India must go all out on all forums to stringently deal with terrorism. Without naming Pakistan movement has to be created at all world forums.

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