20 Power Transmission Projects to Take Off

The government is in the process of granting electricity transmission connectivity to 20 power plants with a generation capacity of 11,000 MW. During the current year, connectivity for 5,500 MW has already been granted .The average transfer capacity to South India is expected to increase to 18,000MW by 2019-20. The vibrant growth can be seen in the fact that India’s solar capacity grew 42% during 2014-15, due to which the price of solar power has also fallen sharply. For completing the given chain of reforms growth of electricity generation, government has taken steps to revive state power distribution. GOVT is expediting project clearances, and they are also pushing towards the renewable energy sources. The GOVT also plans to save 22,000 MW of electricity generation by 2018 by retrofitting 77 crore bulbs with L.E.D lamps. The Price of L.E.D bulbs also have fallen by more than 75% and over 4 crore such bulbs have been distributed in the past year.

Views- With the use of L.E.D bulbs in streetlights as well as households, peak-load demands are expected to fall significantly. India’s renewable energy programme is the world’s most ambitious clean energy initiative ever taken by any country in the world.

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