India -Japan Agreements

On 12th December 2015 India & Japan signed three pacts i. e Civil Nuclear Co-operation , High Speed bullet train & Co-operation

Civil Nuclear Co-Operation pact signed after a five years of intense negotiations. The deal will be executed by U.S firms like G.E& Westinghouse &the French firm Areva. This deal is crucial for setting up nuclear power plants using Japanese reactors. This deal  is more than just an agreement for commerce &  clean energy .It is a shining symbol of a new level of mutual confidence and strategic partenership in the cause of a peaceful & a secure world.

High Speed Railways – An M.O.U was also signed on High Speed Railways between Mumbai & Ahmedabad. This project coating 12 billion us dollars will be financed by Japan. This enterprise will launch a revolution in Indian Railways & speed up India’s railway communication into the future.

Defence Co-operation –Two pacts also signed on defence co-operation.This agreement deals with transfer of defence equipment  and technology.It will also boost development & implement of joint research.The defence issues pertained to security measures for the protection of classified Military Information Japan will also now be part of the India-Us Malabar exercises on a regular basis.From 1st march 2016 Japanese will get visa on arrival.This will boost business & therefore the countries economy.

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