Supreme Court’s ruling for faster justice:

1.In order to work on the inevitable delay in delivery of justice, due to the frequent change of a lawyer in criminal cases the Supreme Court has ruled in to bring changes in the Advocates Act.

2.A bench of Justices JS Khehar and Adarsh K Goel  has urged the Centre and Bar Council of India(BCI) to amend the Advocates Act after scrutiny by authorities.

3.The reason this change was brought in was because an accused would change his lawyer and this would amount to inevitable delay in delivering justice.

4. Rules are also to be brought in to examine the continued fitness of an advocate to conduct a criminal trial on account of advanced age or physical infirmity, to avoid grievance.


1.This is a positive change in the Court machinery because there are almost 3 crore pending cases in the Supreme Court and few more in the lower courts and this would decrease them drastically and there would be faster delivery of justice to the Victims.

2. This would be a major achievement specially in the disposal of Criminal Cases.

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